Interested in serving in ministry? We’re so excited to know you are interested! Being involved in ministry allows our members to fellowship and connect with each other. The variety of ministries we offer at Ousley gives each member an opportunity to use their talents, gifts and interests for the glory of God and the unity of the church and the community. 



The Worship Division of the Ousley Church is called to lead the congregation in meaningful Christian worship experiences through the Word, Music, Dance, and Visual Aids that are both informing and transforming.

Acolyte Ministry: The Acolyte Ministry is charged with escorting the various liturgical elements into worship and assist in various sacramental expressions.

Altar Guild: The Altar Guild prepares and supports the Pastor and Worship leaders in the pulpit area prior to and after the worship experience. They are also responsible for the preparation, setup, and removal of the sacramental elements.

Dance Ministry: The Dance Team provides a visual experience through dance enhancing worship and communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Usher Ministry: The Ousley usher team assists the Pastor and the congregation by seating, guiding and providing necessary assistance during all worship experiences.

Wedding Ministry: The Wedding Ministry supports and advises couples preparing for matrimony according to the Ousley Wedding Ministry Guidelines.


The Empowerment division seeks to provide Christian education and experiential opportunities that inform, inspire, and empower people of all ages.

Higher Education: The Higher Education ministry seeks to assist and encourage teens and young adults to successfully pursue post-secondary education while maintaining relational ties to the local church.

The Ambassadors for Christ (Older Adult): The Older Adult Ministry seeks to focus on the spiritual and social needs of our senior adult members, and to connect the senior adults with one and other and with the church family for fellowship, service and personal growth.”   

Stewardship: The Stewardship Ministry helps the congregation grow in their understanding and implementation of a life of stewardship.


Ousley Bible Academy (OBA): The Ousley Bible Academy seeks to develop and promote programs of Christian Education encamping children, youth, and adult. OBA involves our Bible Academy, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and discipleship training.

Young Adult Ministry: The Young Adult Ministry is inclusive of all persons from 18 to 35 years of age.

This ministry encompasses spiritual and social experience designed to nurture this age group.

Student Ministries: The Ousley Student Ministries seek to nurture, develop and inspire all students (K-12) by emphasizing faith development and discipleship.



The Labor Division of the Ousley Church is called to lead the congregation in endeavors beyond the walls of the church in ministries of compassion, justice, and advocacy.

Food Bank: The Food Bank Ministry seeks to provide spiritual and physical nourishment for the less fortunate.​


United Methodist Women (Women’s Ministry): The United Methodist Women is a community of women who know God and experience freedom holistically through Christ. This group seeks to be a supportive fellowship to all women as they expand concepts of mission through the Church.

United Methodist Men (Men’s Ministry): The United Methodist Men exist to declare the centrality of Christ in every man’s life. This men’s ministry seeks to lead and support the spiritual group of men into discipleship.

Prayer Ministry: The Prayer Ministry undergirds the pastor, church, and community with prayer as well as lead the congregation in understanding and practicing this spiritual discipline.​

Athletic Ministry: The Athletic Ministry seeks to promote wellness throughout the congregation and community, by developing Christ-centered relationships and recreational activities.

Communications/ Marketing: The Communication ministry is responsible for sharing all events both internally and externally to the community.

Hospitality: The Event/Hospitality is responsible for the general oversight of the food and special facilities setup needs for church-wide events.


The Life Division of the Ousley Church is called to lead the congregation in holistic health ministry opportunities that speak to the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of persons in the congregation and beyond.

Stephen’s Ministry:  Stephen’s Ministry is a group of trained and organized lay people who provides one-on-one Christian care to persons who are facing life challenges.

Rainbow Ministry: Rainbow Ministry seeks to be a support group for children and adults suffering a significant loss in their lives through death, divorce, or other life-altering events.

The Jessie Greene Loving Care Ministry:  The Jessie Greene Loving Care Ministry seeks to provide assistance to the Pastor by visiting our families who are confined to home, hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Health and Welfare Ministry:  Health and Welfare Ministry seeks to attend to the physical, mental, and spiritual health of individuals in the congregation in order to fulfill the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  This ministry offers direct services and education for the physical, mental, and spiritual health of people of all ages so that people’s lives may become whole.